San Diego, California – December 15, 2008

Tax Compliance, Inc. (TCI) announces the release of four new PTMS modules built on a Microsoft .NET® platform: the PTMS Dashboard, Calendar, Returns Manager, and User Manager. Their release represents the second phase of TCI’s investment in migrating its market leading real and personal property tax software (PTMS) to a Microsoft .NET architecture. Significant benefits include the ability to monitor and evaluate performance metrics, reduced risks of missing time-sensitive deadlines, and increased productivity through intuitive interfaces that minimize both keystrokes and errors.

The new PTMS leverages the same Microsoft .NET architecture as TCI’s sister company, CORPTAX®, to create a new user interface closely resembling Microsoft Office® and CORPTAX products. The new PTMS is the only property tax software developed using cutting-edge Microsoft technology: Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Server®, Microsoft Workflow Foundation®, and Microsoft SharePoint® MOSS. This technology provides the rich Windows environment users expect, the look and feel of Microsoft Office, and seamless integration with Microsoft products such as Excel®.

The new PTMS Dashboard helps tax departments save time and money through proactive management of property tax compliance and tax minimization activities. The PTMS Dashboard displays easy-to-understand data to help tax professionals assess whether they are on track to meet critical property tax deadlines and empowers them to take the appropriate action. Relevant columns representing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help tax professionals proactively manage tasks associated with property tax return filings, assessments, appeals, and tax payments.

“By identifying deadlines in critical danger of being missed, as well as deadlines coming due but not yet at a critical stage, our customers can address tasks with the proper urgency,” said Scott Strauss, CEO of TCI. He added, “And by associating dollar amounts with each deadline, PTMS empowers corporate tax managers to strategically allocate resources.”

The new PTMS Calendar works closely with the PTMS Dashboard to provide customers with critical tax deadline information. The Calendar feeds the Dashboard statutory event due date information to trigger proactive Dashboard alerts. The Calendar’s new grid-based design also provides customers with an intuitive interface to research statutory property tax deadlines. While the Calendar comes pre-populated with standard events, customers may also create their own events. A Weekend/Holiday Shift Function compensates for deadlines which fall on weekends and holidays, based on user preferences.

The PTMS Returns Manager greatly streamlines the tax return process. It combines all tax return setup and processing functions, into one easy-to-use interface. “Through exhaustive process reengineering and exploiting the powerful tools within the Microsoft .NET development environment, we’ve been able to reduce the amount of time it takes to administer the property tax preparation process,” said Mike Mulinix, Director of Customer Relations. “Every efficiency gained has a positive impact on tax professionals who are under the gun to meet numerous state and local tax return deadlines.”

The PTMS User Manager allows administrators to grant or restrict access to virtually any PTMS function. The new interface design makes it significantly easier to administer application security. New security features include allowing administrators to specify the minimum number of non-alpha numeric characters for passwords and the ability to specify the number of times a user must provide a unique password for each password change before reusing a password.

TCI CEO, Scott Strauss commented, “We continue to work closely with our customers and CORPTAX to develop solutions that take advantage of the newest technologies and provide tax professionals with tools that help them maximize the value of their organizations. These solutions become even more critical as corporations and tax consultants look to further minimize costs and taxes in a difficult economic environment.”


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