San Diego, California – July 18, 2014

Tax Compliance, Inc. (TCI) announces the release of PTMS 6.1, which includes an enhanced Calendar, improved handling of split jurisdictions, and a new tax return history tab in the Returns Manager.

The PTMS Calendar more efficiently tracks completion dates of all tasks once they are performed in the PTMS interface, whether it is tax return generation, notice values received, or tax bills processed. Calendar setup is much easier enabling users to use PTMS tax research to generate local events specific to their property locations quickly. Completion notes are also available so users can document any special details or circumstances surrounding any event for future reference. User-defined event types are also supported allowing users to track dates and deadlines unique to their business. “Our customers asked us for a faster, more flexible tax calendar that was easier to setup,” said Scott Strauss, CEO of Tax Compliance, Inc., “so we got to work.”

PTMS 6.1 also allows taxpayers to generate returns in split jurisdiction scenarios. Assets may now be assigned “alternate assessors” when they need to be reported to a different assessor than the rest of the property at a site. “Split jurisdictions create a major headache for some companies,” said Strauss, “and these changes should simplify their tax return processes and help them eliminate costly errors.”

The new Returns History tab in the Returns Manager documents a wide variety of identifying information for each tax form — including the date it was generated, the basis on which it was generated (one return per), and which attachments were generated with it. PTMS also now makes it easy to track the status of each return and indicate whether or not returns have been reviewed and approved and by whom. “We’re providing more transparency into the tax return process,” said Strauss. “Whether you’re an accountant or a manager, the ability to access status and history information is critical because there is little room for error in this business,” he added.


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