San Diego, California – December 20, 2013

Tax Compliance, Inc. (TCI) announces the release of PTMS 5.3, which includes easier accruals, enhanced payments, and additional customization options.

The PTMS Accruals Manager simplifies accruals creation by alerting users to potential issues, such as undefined accrual periods or missing billing jurisdictions, early in the process to provide the opportunity to correct errors before advancing to subsequent steps. It also allows users to define and manage custom accrual periods without having to navigate to another area of the system or change the company default settings. For owners of real property, PTMS will now reference the acquisition date and inactive dates to determine what should be included in an accrual, and for which periods to accrue. A notes field is also available to record any pertinent information relating to the accrual for future reference. “Our customers provided some great suggestions on how we could improve accruals,” said Scott Strauss, CEO of TCI, “so we listened and got to work.”

The PTMS Payment Manager now communicates more efficiently with the tax calendar to automatically populate installment dates. This reduces the amount of manual keying required to process tax bills. “We’re always looking for ways to increase efficiency and help our customers save time,” said Strauss.

PTMS 5.3 also supports the customization of several fields including State and Parcel number. Now customers with property in Canada can change the name of each field so they are referred to as Province and Roll Number, respectively.


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