San Diego, California – December 17, 2007

Tax Compliance, Inc. announces the release of Property Tax Management System (PTMS) version 4.0. PTMS includes enhancements and new features in areas such as processing tax bills, creating custom reports, linking external files to PTMS records, and handling airline-specific ad valorem requirements.

“The enhancements contained in PTMS 4.0 are the product of ongoing collaboration between TCI and our customers” said Scott Strauss, TCI’s CEO. “With a customer base of over 530 companies, representing all major industries, we continue to receive great feedback as property tax requirements of our customers change over time. This years TCI User Conference provided us with great ideas for innovation, many of which are being incorporated into PTMS 4.0.”

The new Tax Payment Manager expands upon the bill processing features provided in PTMS. The Tax Payment Manager provides a reengineered bill-processing interface that streamlines tasks associated with identifying, locating, and processing tax bill information in PTMS. Using advanced search and filtering features, tax professionals can quickly isolate groups of tax bills for payment. Keystrokes associated with processing high volumes of tax bills are minimized in a new bill entry window. Additional tax bill processing options are provided to help tax departments customize how they prefer to manage property tax bills. “When you consider that thousands of state and local jurisdictions issue property tax bills each year with varying payment deadlines, it is imperative for tax professionals to have tools that enable them to efficiently and accurately complete all tax bill payment steps and provide executive visibility into meeting those deadlines,” said Mike Mulinix, Director of Customer Services at Tax Compliance, Inc. “The Tax Payment Manager is flexible enough to meet the internal and external tax payment requirements faced by property tax departments, yet provide a streamlined interface to minimize the work for both tax professionals and tax executives alike.”

PTMS 4.0 contains features that help customers quickly link batches of important files to critical PTMS data records. “Our customers can now import thousands of scanned assessment notices and tax bills at once and PTMS will automatically link such files to their relevant PTMS data records,” said Eric Vonk, Vice President of Client Services at Tax Compliance, Inc. “With the movement of many businesses towards a paperless environment many customers told us they needed to link such files in bulk, and this new enhancement addresses that need.”

The new PTMS Report Designer is the next evolution creating fully customizable reports. Customers now have complete control over report design, data fields, and query options. “Our customers have always enjoyed unmatched reporting flexibility using the many reporting options found in PTMS,” said Strauss. “With the new PTMS Report Designer, we are providing our customers with additional flexibility for creating advanced custom reports that meet the unique requirements of each tax department.”

The new Aviation Property Manager focuses on the unique needs of the airline industry and provides airline companies with unparalleled property tax reporting automation. Property may be flagged with any necessary data including passenger information, air hours, departures, arrivals, take-offs and landings, etc. for proper jurisdictional classification and value allocation purposes. The appropriate aviation property tax forms are then generated directly from PTMS.


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