San Diego, California – December 13, 2010

Tax Compliance, Inc. (TCI) announces the release of PTMS 2.8, which includes enhanced integration with Microsoft Office®, tracking of best-known values, and implementation of WALZ® certified mail capabilities within the Payment Manager. This release represents the next phase of TCI’s migration of its market leading property tax software, PTMS, to the Microsoft .NET architecture.

PTMS 2.8 creates greater integration with Microsoft Office products such as Excel®. Previous PTMS versions allowed users to copy data from any Microsoft Office application and paste it directly into a PTMS data grid; however, such action was limited by the number of records displayed in the window. Now, users can paste more records in the grid than are currently displayed making it even easier to copy data from spreadsheets and other documents into PTMS.

PTMS 2.8 adds functionality called Best Known values which enables end-users and other key stake-holders to quickly and reliably identify the current best-known value for one or more properties based on where they are in the property tax cycle. The Best Known value populates and updates by pulling data from other value fields based on logic and chronological order. It leverages value information from other fields including but not limited to rendered value, assessor’s value, bill value, final value, and user-calculated values. This functionality enables the end-user to run on-demand queries of one or more properties to identify their best-known value without having to manually make that determination.

“This will make our customers lives easier,” said Scott Strauss, CEO of TCI, “because it saves time within the system, makes reporting easier and cleaner, and reduces errors.”

PTMS 2.8 integrates WALZ technology into the tax payment process for the purpose of creating certified mailing labels and tracking certified mail to its end-point. Previously, these features were only available for the submission of tax returns. PTMS powered by WALZ’s® software automates the completion of Walz Certified Mailers and significantly reduces the time associated with completing USPS Certified Mail forms. PTMS transmits data directly to WALZ’s service, completely eliminating the manual and labor-intensive fulfillment process. PTMS electronically interfaces with WALZ’s TrackRight™ solution to track the mail piece delivery to its end point via USPS and provides online access to images of the signed Return Receipt images.


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