San Diego, California – September 19, 2008

Tax Compliance, Inc. announces the launch of the latest version of its LicenseHQ business license and permit compliance software. Major enhancements include e-mail notifications, configurable exports, a customizable check request, and new data import tools.

LicenseHQ provides better control over the license compliance process through the use of proactive user e-mail notifications of upcoming events and tasks, such as renewing a license or approving a payment. Customers can configure settings in user profiles to regulate who receives notifications, what notifications they receive, and how often they receive them. The focus of such notifications may be narrowed by task type, and whether users wish to receive past due notices or proactively receive summaries of upcoming tasks. Managers, whose primary responsibilities include approving payments, can configure LicenseHQ to send them notices when there are tasks requiring their attention. Additionally, LicenseHQ can send reminder notifications for personnel to perform regular system backups.

“Our warnings are flexible enough for frontline workers to only include those pending tasks which fall into their area of responsibility, or widened for managers to see the larger compliance picture,” said Scott Strauss, CEO of TCI. “The e-mail notifications mimic the LicenseHQ dashboard and include links to customer data in the system to provide detail, which makes them both streamlined and effective.”

Customers may now configure data exports from LicenseHQ and create custom check requests for submission to A/P. Such control ensures payment request files exported from LicenseHQ may be imported into any A/P system without wasting time on outside data manipulation and that paper requests have a look and feel consistent with any company standards. For large organizations handling license compliance for multiple legal entities, LicenseHQ can now create check requests to include payments for more than one company.

The new Find and Replace tools on the import review page allow for easier data cleanup during the import process. These new features ensure customers import clean data and help minimize the time they spend on data import tasks. Other LicenseHQ import tools such as the use of alternate spellings for jurisdictions and the ability to export work files make importing even easier.


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