San Diego, California – August 1, 2008

Tax Compliance, Inc. announces the launch of the latest version of its LicenseHQ business license and permit compliance software. Major enhancements include customizable payment tasks, a streamlined Dashboard, a color-coded Task Status Bar, and a new import interface.

LicenseHQ provides better control over your license compliance process by enabling users to customize license and payment tasks at the system or individual license level. This flexibility ensures managers can setup and implement general compliance procedures while still providing the versatility to handle special individual situations. To reflect these new features and to create a cleaner interface, the LicenseHQ Dashboard has been streamlined to suppress system level tasks which have been deactivated or those tasks with no items pending.

A new, color-coded Task Status Bar instantly communicates the condition of any license task saving time for both compliance personnel and managers alike. The Task Status Bar displays all tasks related to the individual license’s renewal process and identifies the next task. The Task Status Bar also uses a color-coded system to indicate if tasks are complete, pending and requiring attention, past due, or a future task.

Customers may now import data into LicenseHQ saving time previously spent on manual entry. Companies, Sites, Licenses, and Payments are all importable directly into LicenseHQ from Excel® files. The flexible import process includes comprehensive data validation procedures ensuring data integrity within LicenseHQ.

Other enhancements include the ability to retain all relevant license payment history after license inactivation; the addition of a “Do Not Renew” option for perpetual licenses; and an enhanced audit trail which tracks actions on License, Site, Company, Payment, and Check Request records, ensuring accountability.

TCI CEO, Scott Strauss commented, “The new custom workflow gives customers complete control over their license compliance process and the new Task Status Bar makes LicenseHQ even easier to use.” He added, “We’ve been working closely with our customers to ensure we’re providing them with business license solutions they need and I think such efforts are reflected in this release. Our customers really are our most valuable R&D assets.”


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