San Diego, California – November 23, 2009

Tax Compliance, Inc. (TCI) announces the launch of the latest version of its LicenseHQ business license and permit compliance software. Major enhancements include support for individual (professional) licenses, greater License/Site/Company relationship flexibility, greater control over user-defined fields, and custom field captions.

LicenseHQ allows customers to manage individual employees and their licenses, certifications, and permits (healthcare licenses, firearm permits, professional certifications, etc.). LicenseHQ now tracks data required by these professional licenses on personnel records, as it has always done with situs-based licenses. Customers may also associate personnel records with multiple companies, sites, licenses, and license tasks. “Our customers told us managing their employees’ professional licenses and certifications was a real headache for them,” said Scott Strauss, CEO of TCI. He added, “We spent time with a number of customers to scope the real issues and ensure these enhancements met and exceeded their needs.”

In response to other customer requests, LicenseHQ no longer requires customers to associate licenses with one (and only one) site and one (and only one) company. Customers can now associate licenses with multiple sites and multiple companies. As a result, LicenseHQ better accommodates licenses which cover multiple business locations and those which are required by jurisdictions in which you do not have a physical location. In addition, customers may now also associate sites with multiple companies to accommodate businesses where multiple legal entities operate at a particular site.

In previous versions of LicenseHQ, customizable field types were predefined and hard-coded, as each entity (sites, licenses, payments) had four text fields, four numeric fields, four date fields, and two drop-down fields. Now, LicenseHQ allows you to choose the number of fields you want to use (up to fourteen for each entity) and also allows you to declare the type of each field. “For example, you can now declare seven date fields and seven numeric fields, or fourteen text fields, or any other combination,” said Mike Mulinix, Director of Customer Relations. In addition, a new field type of “Notes” has been added to track longer text notations.

To provide greater flexibility and ease-of-use, LicenseHQ also allows you to change system captions to reflect the terminology your organization uses. “To enhance the end-user experience, we feel it is important that our software adapt to the way our clients operate their businesses,” added Mulinix.


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