San Diego, California – August 16, 2010

Tax Compliance, Inc. (TCI) marked a significant milestone signing its 100th LicenseHQ customer. The achievement demonstrates the strong, growing customer demand for LicenseHQ business license compliance software.

“We’ve been very pleased by the aggressive growth of both the number of LicenseHQ customers, and the overall value LicenseHQ delivers to those customers,” said Scott Strauss, CEO of TCI. He added, “Since the underlying pain-points for companies won’t go away anytime soon—too many deadlines, opening and closing of corporate locations, changing jurisdictional requirements, new license forms and fee schedules, unresponsive government agencies—we feel LicenseHQ has a very bright future.”

“Our customers constitute our greatest marketing resource because of their willingness to share their LicenseHQ success stories,” said Harry Billips, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for TCI. He added, “They’ve saved significant time researching and managing their licenses and virtually eliminated their penalties by minimizing their incidences of non-compliance.”

Billips attributes customer satisfaction to LicenseHQ’s time-saving benefits. “LicenseHQ minimizes research and processing time allowing compliance departments to focus on other management tasks. It accomplishes such savings by providing compliance research tools, jurisdiction contacts, and a database of more than 50,000 forms; managing license workflow; generating and distributing standard and custom reports; and interfacing with the taxpayer’s AP System.”

Billips also noted LicenseHQ helps other customers reduce issues of non-compliance. “LicenseHQ minimizes non-compliance by organizing deadlines and tasks on its easy-to-use dashboard; e-mailing proactive alerts for approaching deadlines; and identifying required licenses.”


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