San Diego, California – April 30, 2007

Tax Compliance, Inc. (TCI), the developer of the PTMS software for property tax, is pleased to announce LicenseHQ, a web-based application for business license and permit compliance. LicenseHQ provides easy access to a centralized database of corporate licenses and permits from anywhere; manages the workflow for corporate license compliance; exports payment requests to Accounts Payable systems; accommodates federal, state, county and municipal licenses and permits; minimizes the impact of employee turnover and requires no IT involvement.

LicenseHQ provides access to all relevant license, location, and payment information in an easily accessible database. Since LicenseHQ is a Web-based application, business license data can be accessed from anywhere. Regional and site managers can maintain their own data, renew their own licenses and retrieve information as needed.

LicenseHQ provides control over the license compliance process. The LicenseHQ dashboard summarizes all pending license tasks by date range in an easy-to-read visual format to provide oversight of the license compliance process. Users can drilldown within dates range to display details. As each license task is completed LicenseHQ automatically assigns the next task based on user-specified workflow preferences. Warning Periods can also be customized to meet users’ needs and preferences.

LicenseHQ creates paper or electronic payment requests for submission to Accounts Payable. Managers can implement approval procedures within LicenseHQ to ensure payment requests receive necessary review prior to submission. Multiple invoices can be grouped in a single payment request or they can be submitted as individual requests. LicenseHQ uses client general ledger account numbers on all payment requests.


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