Property Tax Consultants & Property Tax Outsourcing Vendors

Most corporate tax departments at one time or another require outside assistance from property tax consultants. Such help may come in the form of the complete property tax outsourcing, or more limited aid such as fixed asset reviews, short-term staffing, handling appeals, or the outsourcing of certain troublesome property tax returns.

Property Tax Consultant Services

  • Appeal services
  • Audit services
  • Tax compliance
  • Consulting
  • Fixed asset clean-up
  • Property classification
  • Tax process analysis
  • Tax abatement negotiation
  • Tax bill payment
  • Tax projection

Alliances We Have With Property Tax Consultants

Advantax Group, LLC

The Albano Group, LLC

Allyn International Services, Inc.

Assessment Technologies, Ltd.

Baden Tax Management, LLC




DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc.

ECS Financial Services, Inc.

General Financial & Tax Consulting

Grant Thornton, LLP

Haws Consulting Group

Industrial Tax Consulting

International Appraisal Company

Moss Adams, LLP

National Bureau of Property Administration

Outsourcing Solutions Group, LLC

Paradigm Tax Group

Portfolio Financial Servicing Company

Ryan, LLC

Silver Oak Advisors LLC

State Tax Solutions

True Partners Consulting LLC

Outsource Service Providers use PTMS to provide personal and real property tax compliance and management services to their clients. TCI has no control over the manner in which an Outsource Service Provider uses PTMS to service its clients, and therefore, TCI does not warrant the performance of any Outsource Service Provider. The listing of an Outsource Service Provider herein does not constitute an endorsement by TCI. Under no circumstances shall TCI be liable for any matter arising out of a contractual relationship between an Outsource Service Provider and its client. An Outsource Service Provider has no authority to bind or obligate TCI.